FLARE Internship Path

The FLARE Internship Path is a one-year service program that helps trainees and junior faculty from communities underrepresented in medical and biologic sciences learn about associations and non-profits while providing an opportunity to network with leaders in their field. FLARE Interns participate in Endocrine Society governance committees or the Keystone Symposia Fellows Program. Interns also serve as mentors to undergraduates.

Benefits of the Internship Path

  • Network with leaders in the field
  • Receive funding for travel expenses to committee and task force meetings FLARE
    • economy airfare
    • hotel room and tax
    • per diem meal reimbursement
  • Recruit and mentor undergraduates from underrepresented minority communities

Internship with the Endocrine Society

FLARE Interns at the Endocrine Society should expect to:

  • Be available and willing to serve on a committee or Task Force for a full year, starting in March or April. For more information on Endocrine Society Committees, please visit our Society Committees page.
  • Travel to a one-day meeting in Washington DC
  • Mentor and recruit undergraduates from underrepresented minority communities

When applying to the Internship Path, please make sure the letter of recommendation from your advisor includes clear support and understanding of the time commitment involved in this path. Additionally, your personal statement should include your motivation for choosing the Internship Path

Keystone Symposia Fellows Program

FLARE trainees and junior faculty in the Internship Path are able to apply for a position in the Keystone Symposia Fellows Program. Learn more on the program and how to apply.

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