November 28, 2023

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EndoForum in DocMatter is the Endocrine Society’s member-exclusive online community. This forum makes it easier than ever for members to connect with their peers around the world; allowing for open, in-depth discussions between members; from questions on cases to sharing cutting-edge endocrine research. 

EndoForum is the go-to space for a global community of endocrinology professionals to collaborate. Unlike other social media platforms, it is a community exclusively for Endocrine Society Member clinicians, researchers, and advanced practitioners to share cases and discuss emerging therapies, new research, patient education, and more, from every major therapeutic and scientific pillar of endocrinology. 

Within the EndoForum community in DocMatter, you can expect:

  • A secure, collaborative medical community so you can freely have open, in-depth discussions with your peers.
  • A DocMatter Clinician and Research Advocates team to provide technical support as well as personalize your notifications, settings and overall experience of the community based on your specific clinical interests.
  • A variety of advantages for busy researchers. Research advocates on DocMatter’s staff will support research conversations in many ways, including contributing links to referenced research and inviting top experts to join the conversation.
  • Members can feel safe posting issues on EndoForum. We have drafted a Code of Conduct that can be found on the EndoForum homepage. The staff of DocMatter reviews all content before it is published to ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct. If a post violates HIPAA or other laws, or is otherwise not in compliance with the Code, it is not published.

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